SPORTLAB NETWORK brings an intimate team approach to representation: this model holds true for a player’s entire career

and allows for a collaboration that is unrivaled in today’s agency landscape. 

Our agents work with players — from young talent to established veterans — to support all of their career ambitions with opportunities that extend far beyond the sport.

Alessandro Gentile

“I chose SLN because with them I feel like I’m with my family”

Luca Conti

“I instantly connected with Riccardo, he’s been there for me with great advice during the highs and lows of my young career.”

Amedeo Della Valle

“I came back to SLN because they are professional, honest and family to me.”

Riccardo Tavernelli

“Riccardo is my first and only agent: I knew him since I was 18 and I consider him a friend. He was by my side during all my career, from the beginnings until Serie A, during both the good and the hard times”

Luca Gandini

“Riccardo has been by my side for more than 15 years and he helped me grow as a player and as a man!”

Dalton Pepper

“I’ve decided to sign with SLN because of their honesty from day one and commitment to their players. I’m grateful to have come in contact with the agency and am looking forward to continuing my career with them.”

Alessandro Cipolla

“It is the human connection with the agency that makes this big family magical”

Iris Ikangi

“After a long time with Riccardo, Simone and SLN I can say that our connection goes beyond the working relationship. They’re like a second family which helped me reach numerous professional achievements.”

Anthony Morse

“What I like about SLN is that they are hard working. 

I know that they truly believe in me and that I’m not just a number to them.”

Matteo Librizzi

“SLN is much more than an agency”

Ismael Sanogo


Paul Eboua


Aristide Landi


Jessica Milani


Federica Mazza


SPORTLAB NETWORK knows that lasting professional and financial success depends on the strength of the relationship with our clients.

We are closely connected with all of our coaches to understand their individual ambitions both on and off the cour, and develop the right strategies to realize them.
We are positioned to provide our clients with meaningful connections and opportunities beyond taditional representation.

Demis Cavina

“Thanks to his ethic, professionalism and experience Virginio helps any coach in his daily growth. I consider him an excellent agent and a friend.”

Franco Ciani

“Trusting SLN is a choice based on respect, competence and honesty”

Luca Dalmonte

“I feel there’s great friendship and esteem that connects me to the SLN family! I’m always sure their competence will be the best for my personal growth.”

Pino Sacripanti

“For more than 20 years I shared my journey with Virginio, who’s a friend and empathic person”

Paolo Galbiati

“One learns that it’s much more common to meet people wearing masks in life than showin their true colors. I found true friends and supporters at SNL.”

Max Menetti

“I’m tied to Virginio and the Sport Lab family by more than esteem and affection; their work ethic is the key, but what makes them special is the day-by-day help they provide during the season.”

Adriano Vertemati

“Why is picked SLN? It’s easy: I trust Virginio 100%. His experience, empathy, generosity and credibility make him the number one in his field!”

Gianmarco Pozzecco

“I would be stating the obvious if I said that Virginio is the best at his job, so I’m going to say instead that he’s the most generous agent I know! With “generous” I mean that he has a great, noble spirit he dedicates himself to his clients putting them first in a very altruistic way.”

Lele Molin

“Thanks to Virginio my coaching career helped me finding a great friendship. He’s a great man and a true professional.”

Maurizio Buscaglia


Peppe Poeta


Massimo Cancellieri


Nicola Brienza


Meo Sacchetti


Piero Bucchi


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